Volente Boat Club is the only club that provides a full line of complimentary water toys.
We have over $50,000 of water sports equipment for you to use.
Simply request what you want and it will be on the boat when you arrive.

Wake Boards

The Club features wake board products from top manufactures like Connelly, Liquid Force and O'Brien.

S - men's size 5-7
M - men's size 7-9
L - men's size 9-11
XL - men's size 11-13

Wake Skates

Models from Hyperlite, Kampus and more. Like a wakeboard with no bindings, wake skates have a true skateboard feel on the water. They offer amazing bindingless rides with huge air, intense edges and dramatic pop.

Wake Surfers

O'brien's Alias wake surfer has just the right amount of rocker through the nose as well as a single surf fin to make the Alias nice and fast. The foam pad is comfortable and sticky for wave slashing or any other moves you can dream up. Construction is highly durable compression molded with a beefy polyester base.

Medium - 5.0ft
Large - 5.6ft

Jr. Wake Boards

Designed not only for easy starts but for great pop off the wake 43.2cm waist gives this board a great feel .7cm of rocker helps ensure smooth landings.

Flat Tubes

This inflatable tube's unique, tapered profile prevents submarining and provides a comfortable riding position while making it easy to climb onto from the water. Four nylon-wrapped handles and neoprene knuckle guards provide outstanding grip.

Round Tubes

Designed for extreme fun and riding comfort, the Blaster is a 50"dia. PVC tube with a strong Durahyde GF cover with built-in drain for fast drying and no water logging. This design is ideal for younger riders since they can sit in the center.

Knee Boards

Traditional V-shape design, lightweight construction and ultra-thin profile for an easy-to-maneuver board that's perfect for the whole family. EVA pad with reinforced toe area. Contoured EVA knee pad with deep wells for comfort and 3" padded strap.

Connelly MX Slalom

A wide tip and tail make deep-water starts effortless & the super sidecut design make turns easy. The bottom line is much less strain and effort on the skier. Fun, easy and less tiring. All in one ski!

Vortex Adult Ski Combos

Extra wide tip and parabolic shape make it easy to get up and turn. Bright white fins are easy to spot in the water.

Junior Vortex Combos

The perfect learning ski for smaller skiers! Wider tips and a shorter length translate into easy starts and turns. Stabilizer bars prevent the skis from getting out of control. Once you're ready, remove the stabilizer bars and you're on your own. White fins make it easy to spot your skis in the water.

Junior Blasters Ski Combo

(Great for Beginners)

Kids' training system combo - 48" combo designed to help kids learn to ski fast and have lots of fun doing it! Adjustable ropes and hardware. Crossbar at tips distributes tension equally to the skier and the skis to improve balance.

O'Brien Ski Platform

(Great for Beginners)

Learn to ski before you learn to walk! This trainer is designed to help young riders under 85lbs. learn to ski and get on plane easily and in much less time than ordinary training skis.

GPS/Radio - Rhino 110

(Available by request)

The Rhino 110 has standard navigation features like extensive waypoint storage, TracBack technology, multiple position formats (including MGRS and Loran TD) a built-in trip computer and 2 way/gmrs radio.

Ski Vests - Children

up to 30 lbs - Infant
30 lbs - 50 lbs - Child
50 lbs - 90 lbs - Youth

Ski Vests - Adult (Chest Size)

30 - 32 inches - Extra Small
32 - 36 inches - Small
36 - 40 inches - Medium
40 - 44 inches - Large
44 - 50 inches - Extra Large
50 - 52 inches - Double XL